no cars go (ex_birds977) wrote in thecherubs,
no cars go

i know two burger kings that are going to get kicked in the pants.

captain's log:

We haven't left yet and I'm ready to pop them both in the nose.

Why? they're TOO CONFIDENT.

we've cancelled our canada shows because, as we've found, most canadians are sniglets and no-gooders.* we're going to stay with nick's madre in rochester as a bounce-off location before we hit detroit (what!) and chicago this weekend. the car isn't packed. we aren't even moved out of the house yet.

so i'm, naturally, a bit on the barfy side of panicking, as it looks like we're going to have to choose between clothes and instruments when deciding what to toss and what to leave behind.

i mean, i've been wearing the same pants for four days. i have a tiny suitcase, a white corduroy backpack, and a green fake-snakeskin laptop bag, and that's it. i'm bringing less stuff than eric. haven't seen nick's yet- not too worried. clothes aren't my concern--- my concern is that i refuse to develop scoliosis from being crammed in the backseat with nick's bass cab and all of our suitcases for the next five weeks!

& I was told to 'write it on the message board thing' so i'm going to. it seems illogical that all of our stuff is going to fit in this tiny tiny tiny bee-hickle. ergo i am curled up on the bed with howard zinn's a people's history of the united states eating some pretzel things that nick's mom made (i'm hoarding them for the rest of the trip-- aka i will be eating them on the way to rock-ester).

oh- the best part of the day, besides two meals consisting of rodeo burgers, was the fact that both boys insisted on accompanying me into the pharmacy to procure my birth control. why does my lover have to be the one in the burger king crown?

c'est trop.

i surrender. today i officially give my measly, bird-brained petit-four of a life to the anarchy of the highway for the next five weeks.

i am homeless, i am wireless, i am fearless. i haven't shaved my underarms in a month. i'm wearing a pair of doc martens that i've had since i was fourteen.

hello, america. meet your new girlfriend.

love and gas station coffee.
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