Eric (lostboy) wrote in thecherubs,

First post from us.

Hey friends. This is Yabu.

(guy at the top).

Our tour journal begins here.

Due to a lack of response from the clubs that booked us, we are skipping out on the Canadian leg of our tour. Montreal never gave me the final call, Toronto cancelled due to other bands dropping out, and Guelph just kinda evaporated. That in mind, we have a couple extra days in NY to prepare for the madness.

Thursday night, we play The Belmont in Hamtramck, MI, a neighborhood of Detroit. So many shows in, and this is our first one outside of NY. Complete madness will definitely ensue, and this is the place to read about it.

SO! Give Meredith Graves, Yabu, and Wuddlelovebaby some love here, and maybe some Burger King, cause we're gonna be skinny by the time we get back to NY.

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