Eric (lostboy) wrote in thecherubs,

The Belmont in Hamtramck, MI

So, last night we played at a pleasant little club called the Belmont, inside Detroit's independent Polish sector. We were the first of four bands, has some wild boddhisatva buy us expensive beers all night, made a few folks dance, made some Detroit friends, and set a nice start to something that we'll be doing for a while.

Our set went well - we only played about 35 minutes, because we were the outsiders and wanted to leave people with a fresh showing.

After us went The Tanks, a three piece from Iowa with a loud Chorused out bass, a wild drummer, and a bald/bearded/redheaded singing in a baby outfit. They were the good. Definitely new friends.

Next was Fontana, a three piece that was loud. We drank our way through their set.

Last was The Hearsemen. It'd be in your best interest to just look them up. BEST INTEREST.

After the show, we attempted to drive to Indianapolis to visit a friend, but we learned that we were sleepy, and changed our mind.

We're currently in West Chicago, hanging out in yet another Polish neighborhood. Theme? I hope so.

Pictures will be posted soon, I hope.

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